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BreastLiftFactors such as aging, genetics, significant weight fluctuation, loss of skin elasticity and pregnancy/nursing can cause a woman’s breasts to lose their pert shape and sag on the chest. To treat saggy or drapey breasts and restore his patients’ confidence, Dr. Grace and Dr. Tutnino perform breast lift at their plastic surgery practice in Burlington.

What Does Breast Lift Correct?

Breast lift corrects saggy, uneven breasts, diminished breast volume and downward-pointing nipples. The procedure will improve the position, projection and symmetry of the breasts, giving them a perkier appearance and restoring a firmness to their shape. In addition to the physical transformation women undergo with breast lift surgery in Burlington, most patients also experience a psychological change and increased confidence, thanks to their new, more youthful-looking breasts.

Women who want to lift and enlarge their breasts may consider a combination breast augmentation-lift. Dr. Grace and Dr. Tutino can discuss the details of these combinations in greater detail during an informational consultation.

Procedural Details

There are several incision patterns and techniques that Dr. Grace and Dr. Tutino will use during breast lift surgery. He may choose from the following options:

Anchor-shaped incision: encircles the area, extending vertically down to the breast crease and horizontally along the breast crease.

Lollipop-shaped incision: also called a keyhole incision; encircles the areola and extends vertically down to the breast crease (but not horizontally along the crease).

Dr. Grace and Dr. Tutino will place the incisions strategically to minimize the appearance of any scarring. Although the incision lines will fade in color, in some cases they may never completely disappear.

Through the incision, Dr. Grace and Dr. Tutino will remove excess breast skin and relocate the areola and nipple to a higher position on the chest wall. They can also resize stretched areolas. The doctors will bring down skin that was previously above the areola and bring it together underneath the breast to reshape the breast mound. Finally, they suture the incisions closed, and may place a support bra around the breasts to help them heal.


The breasts will be sore, swollen and tender immediately after surgery, but these side effects will subside within a week or so. Dr. Grace or Dr. Tutino will prescribe oral medication to alleviate any discomfort or pain. He advises his patients to wear their special support bra for several weeks to help the tissues in the treated area heal. Dr. Grace or Dr. Tutino will also provide detailed aftercare instructions for the patient to follow.

Breast lift patients need to get plenty of rest during their recovery and abstain from any strenuous activities. Gentle walking is encouraged to prevent blood clots, but bending, lifting and exercise should be avoided until Dr. Grace or Dr. Tutino approves it. He will schedule several follow-up visits to check the patient’s healing and advise when it is safe to return to work, school and normal activities. Dr. Grace, Dr. Tutino and staff are always available by phone or email in case a concern should arise.

Schedule a Breast Lift Consultation

If you’re interested in improving the appearance of saggy breasts through breast lift surgery, please call Dr. Grace or Dr. Tutino at (905) 336-9636 or send him an email to schedule a consultation.

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