Belkyra: Nonsurgical Double Chin Treatment

While fat accumulation below the chin is considered only overweight individuals experienced, many people who are of average weight have a slight double chin. If are dealing with submental (below the chin) fat and want to obtain a slimmer facial profile, the Grace Clinic can help with Belkyra injections in Burlington and Oakville, Ontario.

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What Causes a Double Chin?

Excess fat below the chin can develop due to any of the following reasons:


Research reveals that a double chin not related to weight gain can be inherited. If you have an immediate relative who has a double chin even when at a healthy weight, you have an increased risk of experience from excess submental fat.


Even if you don’t gain weight as you get older, you may notice a slight double chin forming. This happens because the skin around the jawline gets looser over time and the muscles of the face also droop. As they do, fat deposits on the face descend, resulting in pronounced jowls and a double chin.

Jaw structure

 People with a weak or receding jawline are more likely to notice a bulge of fat beneath their chin, which often becomes more prominent as they get older.

Bad posture

Over several years, poor posture can weaken the muscles of the face and neck. Because muscles help to compress deposits of subcutaneous fat, weak neck and face muscles can contribute to double chin formation.

Regardless of what’s causing your double chin, Belkyra injections can help. This treatment is a convenient non-surgical way to permanently reduce excess fat.

How Does Belkyra Work?

Known as Kybella in the United States, this injectable compound causes the fat cells at the treatment site to break down, reducing the appearance of a double chin. Treated fat is then excreted from the body harmlessly and painlessly via the liver and lymphatic system. This inejctable has been approved for cosmetic use by the FDA in the United States and by Health Canada. Because this is a non-surgical procedure, it has a very low risk of complications and does not require any downtime during recovery. Patients can return to all their normal activities immediately after their appointment.

What is in Belkyra?

The active ingredient is deoxycholic acid (DA), the same chemical substance that the body uses to break down fats during digestion. This compound is safe and naturally-derived, with a low risk of adverse reactions. DA disrupts the membranes of fat cells, allowing the body to absorb the contents of those cells (free fatty acids and glycerol). Once fat cells are destroyed, they never return; your treatment will produce lifelong results.

How Effective is Treatment?

Belkyra has been extensively tested and researched in multiple countries. According to over 20 clinical studies conducted (representing about 2,600 patients), approximately 80 percent of patients report being extremely satisfied with the results of this procedure. Most patients say they feel more confident and pleased with their appearance. Patients often feel younger and more photogenic after their procedure.  

What Should I Expect?

When you come to our plastic surgery office for your consultation, specific treatment sites will be identified below your chin. These sites will be marked, and Dr. Grace or Dr. Tutino will administer a series of injections. The needles used to apply Belkyra are very thin, so patients usually don’t require anesthetic. However, we can provide local anesthetic for patients who are concerned about comfort during the procedure. After your appointment is complete, you will be free to return to work and normal activities; you won’t need to rest and recuperate.

Most patients need to have more than one appointment to ensure satisfactory results. Dr. Grace and Dr. Tutino will assess the amount of submental fat you have and recommend an effective treatment plan. It’s common for patients to need between two to four sessions to completely get rid of their double chin.

It’s also important to understand treatment requires time to deliver maximum benefits. Your body will take about two months to completely excrete all the treated fat cells; you can expect to see your results manifest gradually during this period.

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