Start Spring with a Clean Slate with IPL Facial Rejuvenation

IPL laser treatment

Spring is here, beckoning us with the promise of bright sunny days, green grass, and colorful flowers. After the end of a long, drab winter, many of us find ourselves wanting to look as fresh as the spring air makes us feel…But the last thing we’re ready to commit to is more time spent indoors healing from invasive cosmetic treatments. If this describes you, then the IPL Photofacial may be exactly what you’re looking for. This safe, effective non-surgical treatment uses intense pulses of light to rejuvenate the skin, replacing wintertime dullness and dryness with a radiant, healthy glow.

How does the IPL Photofacial Work?

IPL treatment is a form of photorejuvenation. Photorejuvenation is similar to laser skin resurfacing, but it’s gentler and less invasive. During IPL treatment, targeted pulses of light penetrate the skin, dissolving damaged or discolored cells and stimulating skin fibroblasts to produce more collagen. Over a period of roughly six to eight weeks, this collagen gradually improves the overall firmness and hydration of the skin, erasing fine lines and lifting the face.

IPL treatment doesn’t damage or “peel” the skin; it selectively dissolves cells in problem areas while leaving the supportive matrix around them intact. This makes it much easier for the skin to rejuvenate after treatment, without compromising the quality of results.

The IPL Photofacial doesn’t produce significant side effects or require healing time. Some patients notice mild redness for up to 48 hours after treatment, but discomfort is rare. If you decide to have an IPL photofacial, you’ll be able to resume all of your normal activities immediately. Just be aware that sun protection is essential after any form of facial rejuvenation (because your skin will temporarily be more sensitive to UV radiation). You’ll need to slather on SPF-50 sunscreen and don a wide-brimmed hat before you head out into the spring sunshine, but otherwise, you should be able to enjoy the day as usual.

What can the IPL Photofacial Treat?

The bands of light used during IPL photorejuvenation can be calibrated to treat a wide range of common skin problems, including:

– Enlarged pores;

– Acne and acne scars;

– Sunspots, excessive freckling, and other signs of sun damage;

– Fine lines and wrinkles;

– Loose, saggy, or “crepey” looking skin;

– Melasma and hyperpigmentation;

– Vascular abnormalities, like rosacea and broken capillaries.

The gentle nature of the IPL Photofacial means that this treatment often has to be repeated a few times to create striking results. Most patients can expect to have between three to six IPL treatments, but each treatment should take just 20-30 minutes.

Learn More About the IPL Photofacial

Spring is already here, so it’s time to think about investing in a brighter, happier you. If obtaining better skin is on your list of goals for 2019, the IPL Photofacial can help. Contact Burlington plastic surgeon Dr. Douglas Grace to learn more about this convenient, affordable method of skin rejuvenation.

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