What is Laser Lipolysis and How Can it Help You Achieve a Slimmer Body?

Being weighed down by post-holiday pounds can dampen anyone’s excitement for the new year. Holiday weight gain, if not corrected, can also have harmful long-term effects on your health: According to a study published in the New England Journal of Medicine in 2013, holiday weight tends to linger throughout the year and therefore contributes to gradual weight gain. Various factors, like reduced outdoor activity and midwinter fatigue, probably lead to the retention of these extra pounds. Regardless of what causes this accumulation of stubborn fat, laser lipolysis can provide a quick way to slim down—permanently.

Laser Lipolysis: A Safe, Convenient Weight Loss Solution

Laser lipolysis combines traditional liposuction techniques with modern laser fat removal. Like liposuction, laser lipolysis uses a tube (called a cannula) inserted below the skin to remove unwanted fat. However, the cannula used during laser lipolysis is much thinner than a conventional liposuction cannula. This is possible because fat cells are heated and liquefied during laser lipolysis, not removed solely via suction. This modified process has a number of advantages that make it appealing to eligible patients:

  1. There’s no risk of scarring after having laser lipolysis. The cannula used during laser lipolysis is only a few millimeters thick, so it can’t create visible scar tissue.


  1. Laser lipolysis has very fast recovery time. Though laser lipolysis procedures like SmartLipo and SlimLipo aren’t completely noninvasive, they’re a lot less invasive than conventional liposuction. Most patients who have SmartLipo or SlimLipo feel better after just 24 to 48 hours, whereas liposuction patients usually need to rest for at least five days while recovering. (Note that if you’re looking for a fat removal procedure with zero downtime, Dr. Grace also offers Vanquish, a fully non-surgical method of body contouring.)


  1. The use of laser technology reduces the risk of developing loose skin. One of the most common concerns patients have about liposuction is the possibility of experiencing skin laxity after surgery. Sometimes, skin that used to be supported by fatty tissue sags after liposuction, forming visible folds. (This complication is more likely to occur when the patient is over 40, or when the patient already has some loose skin as a result of natural weight loss.) Laser lipolysis mitigates this risk by stimulating the production of collagen, a protein that both strengthens the skin and improves its elasticity. Laser energy also causes treated tissues to contract, effectively pulling the skin closer to the tissue below it while melting fat.


  1. Fat that’s removed by laser lipolysis won’t come back. Once fat cells are destroyed by laser energy, they’re gone forever. The body doesn’t typically regenerate fat cells. This makes laser lipolysis a more effective means of contouring the body than natural weight loss: When we diet, our fat cells shrink in size, but they never actually go away. This allows pockets of so-called “stubborn” fat (areas where fat cells are densely deposited) to remain visible even after weight loss. Laser fat removal, by contrast, actually reduces the number of fat cells in treated areas by 25%, thereby adjusting the patient’s bodily proportions.

Laser Lipolysis Vs. Liposuction: Which is Right For Me?

Procedures like SmartLipo and SlimLipo are a viable alternative to liposuction for most patients. If you want to remove a small to moderate amount of fat—like the one to three pounds usually gained over the holidays—laser lipolysis is probably your best option. Still, traditional liposuction remains the preferred choice for people who want to remove a large amount of fat (between five to ten pounds) at one time. Liposuction can eliminate substantial deposits of fatty tissue more quickly and affordably than other body contouring procedures.

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