Injectable Fillers

FillersFacial fillers are injectable products that correct common signs of aging and contribute to a more youthful and healthy looking appearance. Facial fillers are very popular amongst patients who want to look their best but aren’t ready to commit to surgical facial rejuvenation. Dr. Grace and Dr. Tutino believe in offering his patients a choice in their treatment, and provides several different filler options.

What Facial Fillers Will Treat

One of the side effects of aging is loss of healthy-looking facial volume. Aging causes the soft tissue in the face to degenerate and the skin to thin and lose its firm and plump quality. This causes skin sagging, fat displacement and a general “flattening” of the facial features. It also causes prominent wrinkles, lines and facial folds.

Facial fillers are a non-surgical way to improve these imperfections. Filler products smooth wrinkles, fill in folds and add volume to skin that looks sunken-in or sallow. Successful filler treatment will make your face look younger, fuller and more rested.

However, the results are temporary. In order to maintain the best results, repeat treatments must be performed every few months.


Juvederm is a hyaluronic acid-based filler, meaning it replenishes the hyaluronic acid that diminishes due to aging. Hyaluronic acid is responsible for helping the skin cells retain moisture and the skin maintain its volume and elasticity. When injected, Juvederm plumps or raises the skin up while filling in the treated area. Almost instantly, lines look smoother, folds look fuller and the face takes on a more youthful-looking quality.

In some cases, Juvederm may be used to plump the lips, helping them look fuller and more feminine.


Sculptra is a facial filler made from poly-l-lactic acid. It is used primarily to sculpt the contours of the chin, cheeks, temples and eye area; it is ideal for filling in sunken cheeks/temples or thickening thin skin. The product stimulates the body to produce more collagen, which firms the skin and smoothes lines and wrinkles.
Because Sculptra triggers the body’s natural production of collagen, the results can last two years or more.

Fat Injections

As an alternative to fillers such as Juvederm, Dr. Grace and Dr. Tutino perform fat injections. They will use liposuction techniques to harvest unwanted fatty tissue from another area of the body (e.g., the abdomen or hips) and inject it into areas of the face that need additional support and volume. The results are natural-looking, safe and long-lasting. Also, the donor area that supplies the fat benefits from liposuction!

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