Dressing Your Curves After Plastic Surgery

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One of the most exciting aspects of plastic surgery is the shopping that comes soon after. Whether you have undergone breast augmentation, liposuction, tummy tuck or another cosmetic procedure, some adjustments will have to be made to your wardrobe. Here are a few tips to help you step up your style after plastic surgery.

Choose One Feature to Flaunt at a Time
While it may be tempting to show off every part of your slimmer figure, you can still look great by flaunting one feature at a time. For example, pair a close-fitting shirt or sweater with loose pants or skirt to accentuate your bigger, fuller breasts or your slimmer waistline. You can also pair skinny jeans with a voluminous top to show off toned legs and slimmed down thighs. This way, you flaunt your new curves without going over the top, or revealing too much.

Go With the Classics
There are some clothing items that never go out of style, like a white button-down shirt, boot-cut jeans or a little black dress. These pieces are a great investment because they’re easy to mix and match with the latest trends. You can pair that white-button down shirt with a colorful cardigan during the day and a classy trench coat or jacket for the night. Dress up those jeans with a collared shirt and pumps for the office or a graphic tee and sneakers for a casual day out.

Don’t Throw Out Your Old Clothes Yet
While the idea of buying new clothes can be exciting, chances are there are a few pieces in your wardrobe that you don’t want to do away with just yet. A good tailor can alter your favorite jeans, dress or shirt so they can hug your new curves. This is also a good idea for any new garments that you purchase but don’t properly fit your figure just yet. A tailor can alter jeans that may drag on the floor or a shirt that fits your bust right but is too big around your stomach and waist.

Add the Final Touches with Accessories
The right accessories can take any outfit from just okay to great. A wide belt can accentuate your slimmer waistline. A chunky necklace or scarf can highlight your neckline and cleavage following breast augmentation surgery. Keep in mind that there is such a thing as too many accessories, so choose only one or two of your favorites to wear at a time. Mix and match these accessories with each other or clothes to create a number of new outfits.

For more information on what to expect after plastic surgery, or about the procedures we offer, schedule a one-on-one appointment with Burlington’s leading plastic surgeon, Dr. David Grace of The Grace Clinic, today.

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