What is Laser Lipolysis and How Can it Help You Achieve a Slimmer Body?

Being weighed down by post-holiday pounds can dampen anyone’s excitement for the new year. Holiday weight gain, if not corrected, can also have harmful long-term effects on your health: According to a study published in the New England Journal of Medicine in 2013, holiday weight tends to linger throughout the year and therefore contributes to… Read the full article…

Reasons to be as Close as Possible to Your Goal Weight Before Your Plastic Surgery

Everyone—no matter what they weigh—wants to invest in themselves and improve their confidence. While we wholeheartedly support this endeavor, we also feel it’s important to educate our patients about the ways in which body weight can affect the outcome of plastic surgery. Certain procedures aren’t as effective when used on heavier individuals, while others present… Read the full article…

How to Make Your Plastic Surgery Results Last

Make plastic surgery results last

Plastic surgery has the potential to last many years, but there are several ways you can help make sure your results last even longer. Leading plastic surgeon Dr. Douglas Grace shares the following five tips to ensure your plastic surgery results are successful and long-lasting. Follow Pre-Op and Post-Op Guidelines Before your surgery, Dr. Grace… Read the full article…

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