Get a Head Start on Your New Year’s Body with our Body Contouring Procedures

There’s no greater gift than confidence—that’s why so many of us resolve to sculpt a leaner, sleeker physique in time for the holidays. Unfortunately, as we all know, conventional weight loss methods don’t always produce the results we’re hoping to achieve. Genetics, the aging process, and hormonal factors can create deposits of stubborn fat that… Read the full article…

Lipo For Men: Get Rid of “Dad Bod”

Men battling the inevitability of “middle aged spread” know how frustrating it can be: You try to eat well and make time to hit the gym, but the demands of career and family leave you little time for fitness. Meanwhile, a slowing metabolism and waning testosterone levels make fat much harder to lose than it… Read the full article…

Can Liposuction Be Used for Breast Reduction?

Through his Burlington, Ontario plastic surgery practice, Dr. Douglas Grace has encountered a number of women unhappy with their oversized, heavy breasts that cause significant pain. While most of these women are interested in traditional breast reduction surgery, a small subset inquiries about using liposuction to reduce the breasts. Since this is a question that… Read the full article…

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