When Can I Exercise after My Plastic Surgery Procedure?

Many of Dr. Douglas Grace’s patients enjoy exercising and staying active, and they hesitate to slow down when they have surgery. A common question that comes up during consultation is, “When can I resume exercise and my normal routine?” Since this question is asked so frequently. Dr. Grace thought it would be wise to address the answer in a blog post.

Listen to Dr. Grace’s Instructions

Every patient heals at a different pace, depending on their health, fitness level and procedure. Dr. Grace provides a timeline for resuming work, exercise and other normal activities. The typical rule of thumb is to wait six weeks after surgery before running or performing other types of vigorous physical activity, but it varies by patient.

Ignoring Dr. Grace’s instructions and exercising too vigorously too soon after surgery can affect the body’s healing progress. It can also lead to serious complications, such as infection, noticeable scarring and even the re-opening of the incision wound.

This does not mean that you should stay in bed for a month and a half after surgery. Light exercise is recommended during your recovery.

Start Walking When You Feel Ready

Dr. Grace encourages taking short walks as soon as you have the energy. Walking a few times a day, for a few minutes at a time, staves off blood clots and related complications. It is also a good way to transition into more activity. You can start by walking for five minutes, three times per day, and progressively add on to your walk every week.

As your energy returns to its normal level (generally one to two weeks after surgery), you can continue walking. Or, if you prefer something different, you can cycle slowly on a stationary bike. Avoid lifting anything heavy or elevating your heart rate too high as you exercise.

You might want to start stretching your larger muscles (like your chest and back) around the three-week mark. This can help keep your joints flexible and prime your body to resume your regular level of activity.

Get Into a Regular Routine

If you didn’t exercise before your surgery, now is a great time to start! Regular exercise is an especially good idea if you have body contouring surgery and want to maintain your newly sculpted physique.

In general, you should engage in aerobic activity for at least 30 minutes, three times a week, and follow a well-balanced diet to enjoy the results of your surgery for years to come.

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