Body Contouring Procedures that Will Help You Crush Your New Year’s Resolutions

Why do our yearly resolutions to slim down and shape up so often leave us feeling frustrated and defeated by mid-March? Contrary to popular belief, the poor success rate of New Year’s resolutions isn’t driven by a lack of willpower or commitment. Instead, our New Year’s resolutions fail for one simple, biologically-driven reason: Diets don’t work. Not only do many people find diets difficult to stick to, lifestyle alterations can’t fundamentally change the way our bodies store and distribute fat.

When we lose weight through diet and exercise, we’re not actually getting rid of fat cells. Instead, the fat cells present in our bodies just shrink in size. In areas where fat cells are particularly dense, this shrinkage often produces underwhelming results. Yes, these areas get smaller as we lose weight, but they remain disproportionately prominent as compared to the rest of the body. Simply put, if your New Year’s goal is to get rid of your lifelong love handles or thick thighs through dieting, you’re probably out of luck.

Body contouring, on the other hand, can permanently reduce the size of problem areas that don’t respond to diet or exercise. Both surgical and non-surgical body contouring procedures have the ability to actually destroy, and not just shrink, fat cells. Better still, once fat cells are destroyed, they never grow back.

Though it’s important to get within about 25 pounds of your goal weight before contacting a plastic surgeon, body contouring can absolutely help you crush your New’s Resolutions this year. At the Grace Clinic, we offer a number of treatments designed to help patients get slim—and stay that way.


Liposuction is your best option if you’re interested in having unwanted fat removed quickly. During liposuction, a very thin tube called a cannula is used to gently suck out deposits of diet-resistant fat. This procedure, which can be used virtually anywhere on the body, boasts a fast recovery time and very little risk of visible scarring. Most people who have liposuction can return to work in just one week, and they’ll notice striking results two to three weeks later (after their swelling fully subsides).

At the Grace Clinic, we offer SmartLipo and SlimLipo in addition to traditional liposuction. These procedures provide a less invasive alternative to conventional liposuction, requiring just three to five days of downtime.


Vanquish is an excellent choice for people who want to slim down without surgery or downtime. The Vanquish system uses high-frequency radio waves to gently heat fat cells located beneath the skin. This works to eliminate unwanted fat because fat cells are much more fragile than skin or muscle cells: Applying moderate heat to fat cells melts the lipids inside them without damaging surrounding tissue.

After fat cells are treated with RF energy, the body harmlessly excretes them over a period of about two months. This process eliminates up to 24% of the fat cells in treated areas, painlessly and without side effects.

Tummy Tuck Surgery

Tummy tuck surgery is an advanced body contouring procedure that’s usually recommended for patients who have been pregnant or obese in the past. During tummy tuck surgery, fat and loose abdominal skin are removed, permanently flattening a “flabby looking” stomach and getting rid of stretch marks. Sometimes, torn abdominal muscles are also repaired as part of tummy tuck surgery, allowing the patient to restore lost muscle tone through normal exercise.

Learn More About Body Contouring

This New Year’s, make a resolution that will last: The resolution to permanently slim down areas of stubborn, diet-resistant fat. Whether you’re comfortable with the idea of surgery or prefer a non-surgical solution, Dr. Grace can help you achieve your body contouring goals. To learn more about the treatments offered at the Grace Clinic, contact us online or by phone at: 905-336-9636 (Burlington) or 905-338-5777 (Oakville).



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