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There’s no greater gift than confidence—that’s why so many of us resolve to sculpt a leaner, sleeker physique in time for the holidays. Unfortunately, as we all know, conventional weight loss methods don’t always produce the results we’re hoping to achieve. Genetics, the aging process, and hormonal factors can create deposits of stubborn fat that refuse to budge, even when we’re otherwise at a healthy weight.

Rather than succumbing to frustration when your diet doesn’t work out as planned, we suggest considering body contouring. Using either surgical or non-surgical methods, Dr. Grace can put the finishing touches on your weight loss efforts. Body contouring procedures, like liposuction, Vanquish, and Emsculpt, permanently shrink the size of diet-resistant fat deposits.


The enduring popularity of liposuction can be credited to its convenient, flexible nature. This procedure produces visible results quickly, with little downtime. Liposuction is also the best choice for those who wish to sculpt small areas of the body, such as the hands, feet, ankles, and submental region (the area under the chin).

During conventional liposuction, a very thin tube called a cannula is inserted into adipose tissue through a tiny incision. Fat cells are then irrigated and literally sucked out, making the patient immediately slimmer. Dr. Grace also performs modified liposuction procedures, like BodyJet liposuction and Smartlipo. The BodyJet process uses water to loosen fat cells prior to removal, whereas Smartlipo uses laser energy to liquefy fat deposits. Both of these systems are less invasive than conventional liposuction but may produce more subtle results.

Though liposuction is a surgical procedure, it doesn’t typically require a lengthy healing period. Most patients who have liposuction can resume their usual activities within about five to seven days.


Radio frequency (RF) fat removal systems, like Vanquish, are perfect for people who want to slim down without taking any time off work. No incisions are made during Vanquish; instead, Dr. Grace gently moves an applicator device over the patient’s skin. This device uses RF technology to penetrate below the dermis, targeting deposits of subcutaneous fat. The heat created by RF energy disrupts the normal functioning of fat cells without damaging surrounding tissues or causing discomfort. The patient’s body then slowly excretes the damaged fat cells. This process takes about two months to complete, though patients will start to see improvements within two to three weeks of their treatment. At the end of this period, patients see a 24% reduction in the size of targeted fat deposits, on average.


The Grace Clinic is one of the few plastic surgery practices in Canada to offer Emsculpt, a revolutionary new body contouring system that improves muscle tone while eliminating fat cells. Currently, Emsculpt is the closest equivalent to a non-surgical tummy tuck: Without making any incisions, Dr. Grace can use the Emsculpt applicator to trigger supramaximal contractions, a type of powerful muscle contraction that exercise cannot produce. Not only do these contractions firm and tone the muscles (Emsculpt increases muscle fiber density by about 16 percent), one study has shown that they can reduce abdominal muscle separation by up to 10 percent. This is particularly advantageous for patients who have been pregnant or overweight in the past: By healing the tissue that joins the abdominal muscles, Emsculpt can help these patients exercise more effectively. The high-intensity electromagnetic energy emitted by the Emsculpt applicator also eliminates up to 19 percent of the fat cells in treated areas—Perfect for getting rid of the little tummy “pouch” that often remains after childbirth or weight loss.

Patients with cellulite will be happy to know that Emsculpt can be used to sculpt and slim the buttocks, too. By improving muscle tone and shrinking fat deposits, Emsculpt reduces stress on the connective tissues that support the skin, thereby minimizing cellulite symptoms.

Getting in shape in time for the holidays doesn’t have to be stressful, painful, or difficult. No matter what your individual needs are, there’s a body contouring procedure out there that’s capable of meeting them. To learn more about the treatments we offer, contact Dr. Grace online or by phone. You can reach our Burlington clinic at (905) 336-9636 or our Oakville Clinic at (905) 338-5777.


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