9 Things You Must Have at Home After Plastic Surgery

While your body heals from any surgical cosmetic procedure, comfort and relaxation are the primary objectives. As the old saying goes, “What we prepare for is what we shall get.” If you prepare for a stress-free, uneventful recovery from plastic surgery, you will make your recovery easier, quicker, and more comfortable.

Although specific recovery advice will vary according to your procedure, the primary goal remains consistent. We want you to give your body and mind plenty of rest and healthy fuel, so you can heal quickly and get back to life. 

By thinking ahead, and following the preparation advice outlined by Dr. Grace, Plastic Surgeon in Ontario, Canada, you can give yourself the best possible experience as your body heals from your surgery. Remember, the goal is maximum comfort with minimum effort.

1. Comfortable Clothes

Loose, easy to wear clothes are an absolute must for someone recovering from plastic surgery. By having clothes that easily slip on and off, you can avoid uncomfortable and awkward contortions that impact incisions. You’ll be tender initially and will appreciate the ease of loungewear. 

Be conscious of incisions. After abdominal surgeries, tight waistbands can rub against fresh incisions. Clothing that softly covers and doesn’t pull, tug, or irritate incisions is crucial. 

2. Entertainment

Giving your body plenty of rest generally means lots of sitting or lying around. While necessary during your recovery, this can get tedious pretty quickly. Make a plan in advance and banish those boredom blues. We recommend making a list of movies you want to watch, television series to binge, and some anticipated literature.  These welcome distractions will work your imagination as you veg out on the couch.

3. Prescriptions

Many surgeons will provide your prescriptions for pain medication the day before your surgery, allowing you to go to the pharmacy in advance. Getting your prescriptions early ensures they are at home and ready when you need them. This simple preparation saves a lot of frustration. Who wants to sit at the pharmacy right after surgery?

4. Supplements and Vitamins

As your body recovers from surgery, it is a good time to give it an extra boost of goodness. You can achieve this with over-the-counter multivitamins and other supplements that your surgeon may recommend to you.

Be wary of taking medications, supplements, and vitamins without talking to your plastic surgeon first. While healing from surgery, products you take regularly may not be recommended. Your surgeon knows best about which products to use and which to avoid. 

5. Sanitizing products

Avoiding any risk of infection is of paramount importance during your recovery from surgery. We’ll provide you with detailed instructions for cleaning and maintaining any incisions made during surgery. While you attend to your incisions, hygiene is essential. Always clean your hands first. By frequently using antibacterial soaps and sanitizers, you can keep your hands as clean as a doctor’s, protecting your body from unwanted germs or bacteria.

6. First-Aid Kit

A well-stocked first-aid kit is always good to have on hand. Talk with your doctor about the medical supplies they recommend for your post-surgery first-aid kit. Gauze, antiseptic, and saline solution are a good starting point, but your surgeon will be able to recommend other helpful products to have on hand. 

7. Ready-Made Meals

Even if you love to cook, you’re not going to want to after surgery. Shopping, preparing, chopping, stirring, washing– after surgery you need rest, not kitchen-duty. These activities are easily avoided by having some pre-cooked meals prepared in the freezer.

8. Water

Hydration during recovery from surgery is frequently overlooked, but very essential. Keeping water pumping through your body will help flush out anesthesia and other medications. Furthermore, water helps maintain energy and mood levels. Make sure you have plenty of easily accessible drinking water available.

Grab some straws too. Lifting a cup or a bottle can be challenging in the first few days. A straw makes post-surgery hydration more comfortable. 

9. Assistance

Finally, and perhaps most usefully, you’re going to need help. It is good to have a close friend or relative who is available to assist, particularly during the first few days after surgery. 

This trusted assistant will bring you home from your procedure, as you’ll be unable to drive. Choose someone that you’re comfortable telling about your procedure. Rely on your friend or family member for those things you can’t do initially, like walking your dog, nipping to the shops, or driving to follow-up appointments. Conversation and love as you heal will go a long way to helping you recover faster.

 As you recover from your cosmetic surgery, you need to put yourself and your body first. Recovery is temporary, but your plastic surgery results will last a lifetime. Contact Dr. Grace at (905) 336-9636 or fill in his online form for detailed recovery information about the procedures you’re considering.


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