5 Things to Know Before Getting Lip Injections

Has the hype surrounding Kylie Jenner’s lip injections inspired you to seek your own cosmetic treatment? If you are considering treatment to add volume and fullness to your lips, you should educate yourself about what to expect. Here, plastic surgeon Douglas Grace breaks down five things you need to know before getting lip injections.

  1. Work with a board certified plastic surgeon. Any doctor can market and perform cosmetic services, but unless the doctor is a board certified plastic surgeon, there is no guarantee they are properly trained and experienced in lip injections. The right surgeon understands the anatomy of the face and how to produce beautiful, full lips that look natural. Also, understand that treatment with injectables carries some inherent risks, many of which can be avoided by choosing a qualified and experienced doctor.
  2. Don’t ask for a specific product. There are many different filler and injectable products to choose from, and your surgeon knows best. You may think that you want a specific filler, but a different formula would actually be better for your needs. Instead of going to your appointment with a product in mind, describe the type of results you hope to achieve (showing the surgeon a photograph can help). Based on this information, the surgeon can recommend the best filler to give you the lips you want.
  3. Don’t make big plans immediately after treatment. Lip injections don’t require recovery downtime, but you might have some side effects. Anticipate that your lips may be tender, mildly bruised or swollen for a few days after treatment. You can return to work right after treatment, but you probably want to avoid social activities or important events for at least three days after treatment.
  4. Avoid any medications that could thin your blood. Refrain from taking painkillers (Tylenol is OK), fish oil and Vitamin E about 10 days prior to your procedure. They can thin the blood, which increases your risk of bleeding and bruising during and after treatment.
  5. Schedule repeat treatment. Lip injections are temporary. Depending on the product, the results generally last about three to six months (sometimes longer). If you want to maintain the effects, your surgeon can help you get on a schedule of regular appointments.

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To learn more about treatment with lip injections, please contact the Burlington plastic surgery practice of Dr. Douglas Grace. You can reach our office by calling (905) 336-9636 today.


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