5 Hot Skincare Trends to Avoid like Fire

The beauty industry is an information-saturated market. The social drive and personal desire to having healthy,  glowing skin make people susceptible to trying skincare routines that might not actually be good for them.

It can be challenging to assess the benefits and quality of any skincare trend when only considering influencer photos, videos, and seductive packaging. With this in mind, The Grace Clinic would like to raise awareness on five of the hottest, but least effective, skincare routines currently plaguing the market.

As everyone’s skin is different, personalizing your skincare routine can be confusing. For this reason, it’s an excellent idea to consult a specialist. A skincare specialist is similar to a nutritionist or personal trainer – you don’t have to go all the time, but they can help dispel misinformation and put you on the right path.

A skincare specialist such as Dr. Grace can help advise you on good skincare according to your skin type, age, and genetics. In general, however, the following trends are best avoided.

1)  Charcoal

The concept behind using charcoal is that due to its color and texture, it can get deep into your pores and cleanse your skin. The reality behind charcoal scrubs, however, is that they are too harsh on your skin. Charcoal particles remove too many skin cells too aggressively. Many charcoal products also recommend daily use, but overly frequent facial exfoliation prematurely exposes the underlying skin; which leads us to our second skincare no-no.

2) Over-exfoliating 

We are all familiar with the incredibly fresh sensation of newly exfoliated skin. A correct exfoliation ritual removes dead skin cells and exposes new, radiant tissue just below the surface – however, in the case of scrubbing away the skin, there can be too much of a good thing.

Over-exfoliation is one of the biggest skincare mistakes Dr. Grace sees. The Grace Clinic recommends exfoliating one, maximum two times a week. Signs that you are over-exfoliating include irritation, peeling, inflammation, or sensitivity to your other skincare products.   

To compensate for over-exfoliation (without knowing they are doing it!) many patients who consult The Grace Clinic are guilty of yet another poor skincare routine; over-hydrating.

3) Over-hydrating

In instances where the skin becomes irritated and sore, many people resort to slathering on moisturizing products. While correct skin hydration (particularly in the cold Ontario climate) is vital to good skincare, the skin will only absorb what it needs.

When too much hydrating product is applied, what the skin does not absorb is left on the skin surface. This product gathers microparticles, leading to pore-clogging. It is essential to adjust your moisturizing routine to your skin type and climate. With a skincare consultation at The Grace Clinic, we can assist you in choosing the appropriate products and schedule.

 4) Coconut Oil as a Moisturizer

Choosing an appropriate moisturizer for your circumstances is essential. One fad in the beauty and health industry is coconut oil; as a dietary supplement, an addition to hair care, and even facial moisturizing. Although it can be pleasant to use for a massage, coconut oil is thick and greasy. These properties prevent it from allowing your skin to breathe properly.

We must remember that to retain moisture and protect itself, our skin naturally produces sebum and other oils. In many cases, overly active oil glands are responsible for causing acne. With this in mind, we do not recommend choosing to add external oils to your body’s own naturally produced oils.

 5)  Elaborate skincare routines 

Finally, Dr. Grace cautions patients against overly complicated skincare. In many cases, two, maximum of three products used in correct conjunction with one another is enough to keep any skin type looking healthy, shiny, and youthful.

Different companies use different ingredients in their products, and in many cases, one product may counteract another. As such, it is wise to consult a skin care professional on which products to use together.  

Information-overload is the modern-day standard for the beauty industry. Too many companies trying to push their product leads to misinformation, unhealthy fads, and ultimately, poor health choices. Luckily, as consumers, we can choose to educate ourselves from reliable sources such as certified skincare specialists.

To clarify what your proper skincare routine should look like, reach out to The Grace Clinic with a phone call or by filling out our online form. We will happily set you up with a bespoke skincare routine according to your skin type, age, and genetics.

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